What about Organic SEO

It is true that it is important to have top rankings for as many good search phrases as you can- the more the better. The reality of search engine marketing is that organic rankings take time to achieve. This time costs you in two ways-

  1. the actual cost of paying a SEO company – SEO is labor intensive
  2. the on-going costs associated with running your company – fixed overhead

The hard fact of business is that you can only stay in business for so long with-out strong sales growth.  You can’t afford to risk 6-12 months of operational costs to figure out if Organic SEO will or will not work.

What good is a first page search ranking a year from now for your website if your company goes under within the next 6 months?

In a tough economy it’s critical to quickly test every advertising channel you can- keep what works and cut what doesn’t.

eHotLeads mission is to provide high quality sales leads that will help you drive new sales revenue immediately.

Published by

Chris Chong

Chris Chong is the President and Co-Founder of eHotLeads. He started his internet marketing career in 2002 and has since founded or helped launch over a dozen internet companies. As a serial-entrepreneur, his passion is to grow companies by applying proven direct marketing techniques in new ways.