Using Email Marketing to Warm Up PPC Leads

The online marketing and advertising world can be a great way for businesses to reach out and find new customers, whether the business is strictly only online or has a presence in the real world.  One of the advertising techniques that are often utilized in internet marketing is email marketing.  With email marketing, a business can go on to generate leads.

Lead generation describes the process of someone paying another website to host their ad and when someone from that other site clicks the link and takes the time to fill out a survey or sign up for a newsletter, the site hosting the ad gets paid.

Sometimes an SEM model known as PPC (pay per click) is used instead. With this marketing model, the hosting site is paid when someone simply clicks the link.  They don’t have to sign up for or buy anything, just simply click the link to visit the site.  It is important to remember that even if you have to pay the other site for when someone just visits your site, but doesn’t end up buying or signing up for anything, if they do sign up for something, you need to follow up with them.  Lead generation would be rather pointless if you get leads and don’t do anything them later on.

Using email marketing to follow up with leads that were generated from PPC advertising is sometimes essential to take someone being only interested to turn them into a paying customer.  If you have a newsletter or something else on your site that people can sign up for, they are taking the first step in willingly giving you their email address.  In today’s world of spam and malware, that is actually a big deal.  The next step is yours to make, as you should take the initiative and follow up with them.

You can use things SEM and SEO to help draw users to your own site without having to hope they click a link on someone else’s site.  Using SEO (search engine optimization) is a way of putting specific keywords or phrases onto your site so that when those words or phrases are typed into a search engine, your site has a greater chance of being at the top of the list.  You can have a list of one million names on a mailing list, but if you don’t follow up with them, letting them know who you are, what you do and what you are selling.  Otherwise, your mailing list that used PPC for lead generation will prove to be worthless.

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Chris Chong

Chris Chong is the President and Co-Founder of eHotLeads. He started his internet marketing career in 2002 and has since founded or helped launch over a dozen internet companies. As a serial-entrepreneur, his passion is to grow companies by applying proven direct marketing techniques in new ways.