Google Hummingbird Conspiracy?

Do recent updates to Google’s organic search algorithm really improve search quality or is there something else going on?

What I believe is happening with all the updates is that Google is discounting the value of backlinks. So for example, if 40% of the reason a site ranked was due to backlinks, that number may now be 25%.

Google has been trending this way for a few years. Pre-2002 they put a lot of weight on the words used on your pages… what happened was everyone keyword-stuffed their pages to game the organic rankings… this led Google putting more weight on backlinks. Within years there were all kinds of schemes to increase the link count, which worked very well for 10 years.

Now they are better able to “read” the text on the site and understand what the site is about. They also have much more sophisticated mechanisms for filtering out keyword stuffing on pages.

I’m not 100% sure but I think what this means is that if you want to rank well, you are going to have to constantly be producing content related to your primary topic such as blogs and more pages.

I have another theory, which is that they are just churning the rankings in order to make business owners more reliant on AdWords.

Web marketing has evolved significantly over the years. Who doesn’t have a decent looking website these days?

There are more than 10 good sites for any given keyword… so it really doesn’t matter to the end user (the person searching) who shows up.

No matter what the order, there are more than 10 good sites to see, so Google could get away with constantly churning the rankings and not get any fallout from their customer (the searcher). Example: I search “portland dentist” the first 25 websites are all good looking sites that are either dentists or directories that have dentists in Portland. When I view these sites from a non-seo, non-internet marketer perspective, they all look good, are relevant. If the order changed, the average person wouldn’t even notice.

I think Google knows that and is just screwing with the SEO industry because organic rankings are the primary competitor to AdWords. I doubt Google would ever get rid of organic results, but every 6 months they do something to make SEO more difficult.

What are your thoughts?