Automating Lead Followup

If you happen to be fortunate to have too many leads, automated lead followup can be an excellent way to pre-qualify sales leads before investing valuable time into closing the sale.

Automated lead follow up tools are great for sales cycles that are well established and systematic.  It is possible to engineer the sale through a series of pre-designed sales emails which warm up the lead with out any human intervention.

The first step in automating your lead followup process is to document your sales cycle.  You need to have a clear understanding of how your company sells, from lead generation to order processing.  Lead automation isn’t for everyone but everyone can use it in some capacity to streamline operations.

Let’s look at our typical B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

  • A prospect finds your website by PPC or Organic Search
  • They are served a landing page which presents your company’s solution
  • They sign up for a free white paper, report or guide

At this point you’ve got someone who has expressed interest.

Now you must craft a series of automated followups to move prospects down the sales cycle.  This could be:

  • a multi-part guide to solving a problem
  • a series of white papers showing how prospects can benefit from your products
  • a survey asking questions which determine how “hot” a lead

Regardless of which route you take the bottom line is that automatic lead followup is systematic and is best designed on paper before implementation.

You’ll also want the right tools for the job.  Companies such as iContact, Vertical Response, StreamSend, Awebber and GetResponse specialize in email based automatic marketing software.  They will provide the service where you setup your campaigns.  Once setup all you need to do is import leads onto your list- the execution will be done automatically.  You can tie custom web forms into most email service providers to have new leads inserted directly onto your list.

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Chris Chong

Chris Chong is the President and Co-Founder of eHotLeads. He started his internet marketing career in 2002 and has since founded or helped launch over a dozen internet companies. As a serial-entrepreneur, his passion is to grow companies by applying proven direct marketing techniques in new ways.