We will help you measure, understand, and improve the performance of your website and online advertising.

chris-chongHi, my name is Chris Chong, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at eHotLeads. We help clients get more sales and reduce advertising costs with Conversion Rate Optimization.

“Conversion rate optimization is the art and science of improving your website so that a higher percentage of your visitors turn into paying customers.”

Learn how to get more sales, without spending more money.

We use a scientific methodology to increase sales and reduce customer acquisition costs by optimizing the performance of our clients’ online marketing program. This includes PPC campaigns, landing pages, your website, lead nurturing campaigns, sales funnel and more.

Our team works alongside your C-level and senior sales & marketing executives… developing profitable online sales and marketing campaigns; tackling complex marketing problems and delivering quantifiable improvements.



Todd Silverstein, Cofounder & CEO at Vizify

Ken Levy, Co-Founder at 4-Tell

Lisa Marie Genovese, President at Bottom Line Marketing

Brad Barton, Chief Operating Officer at MetroPresort

Angela Jackson, Managing Director Portland Seed Fund

Jeri Alcock Founder of DonorDynamics

Daniel Reeves, Co-founder at Beeminder.com